In April 2019, Young Black Entrepreneur Magazine interviewed Cedric Brown in the Atlanta issue. Check out the interview below.


Who are you? Brief Bio

- I'm Cedric Brown, an artist and fashion designer. My line is Cedric Brown Collections (CBC). CBC is a cutting edge apparel business. Sending a message through my colorful, bold prints, I paint abstract art that is made into limited edition prints on accessories: kimonos, scarves, neck ties, handkerchiefs, and socks. My designs have been featured on CNN, Birmingham Times, Jezebel, and Sheen Magazine. Notable celebrities, Actress Vivica A. Fox, Rapper Young Thug, Wale, news anchor Jovita Moore, and Fortune 500 CEOS John Miller, Denny's, Marvin Ellison, Lowe's, Ellen Alemany, CIT Bank, and John Hope Bryant, Operation Hope, are among those who have CBC – top of mind fashion accessory.

What is your industry, and why did this industry appeal to you?

- My industry is Fashion Design. Since 5th grade, I knew i wanted to be a fashion designer. I admired the fashion moguls at the time, Sean John and Ralph Lauren. It is my goal to leave an impact like them. I've always had an eye for color and loved to dress.

How does Atlanta impact your career decisions and development?

- I feel that Atlanta is a rising creative mecca. The cost of living is affordable, and i get so much inspiration from all of the culture. As I travel the world, I see that our music and culture influences everything.

How has your staff grown over time and what systems have you put in place to manage that growth?

- I'm still in the early stages of my career, so my staff hasn't changed much. However, anyone hired to work for me must come with fresh, innovative ideas to grow the brand.
How do you Market your services or products?

- I market my business with social media, news articles, influencers, trunk shows, and good ol' face to face marketing.

What excites you about doing business in Atlanta?

- Atlanta is a new wave. Because it is not a traditional route an artist would take (most move to LA or NYC), Atlanta is all about creating your own lane, In the world of fashion, it's s an open opportunity. Most of all, I love to see the black culture doing so well here. It is definitely not like that everywhere.

What is your biggest challenge?

- My business challenge is asking myself 'what's next?' I'm always thinking how i can keep the buzz going.

Who was your greatest teacher or what has been your greatest learning experience?

- Being in my 20s, life has taught me to never put all of my eggs in one basket and to never be complacent. I never want to put myself in situations , where I give someone control over my success. Rather that be from a professor, an employer, a jurist, a buyer, an organization, or whomever, but I put all of of my trust in God. He always provide. Anything can happen!

In one word of brief phrase telling New Atlanta ybe what to expect?


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